Crime writer Vaseem Khan is a great supporter of Wrexham’s Carnival of Words. Back in 2015, Vas published the first of the five novels and two novellas in what would become his Baby Ganesh Detective Agency series, while The Lost Man of Bombay is the third in his Malabar House series.

Vas is also one of the Carnival’s patrons, so it was wonderful news when he agreed to run a one-hour livestream session for our Wrexham Writers Collective Get-Together, organised for Saturday 21st January at the Acton Community Centre. The session’s title? Plot, Pace and How to Make Your Work Sizzle.

The planned session fitted wonderfully with our other one-hour workshops: Peter Read’s introduction to writing in all its glorious forms, Welcome to Wr…Writing; Rona Campbell’s fascinating lesson on Visual Writing; and a hugely informative and entertaining talk by Phil Burrows – Ten Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Began.

Let us know if you want to find out more about the Wrexham Writers Group and, fingers crossed, we should have Vaseem Khan with us in person to chat about his latest books at the 2024 Carnival of Words.