Vaseem Khan

VASEEM KHAN: Killing Gandhi, Dante’s Divine Comedy, and the Billion Dollar Snake God

Bestselling crime fiction author Vaseem Khan takes us on an exhilarating journey from the last days of the Raj to the heart of modern India. Vaseem’s award-winning Malabar House series is set in 1950s Bombay, just a few years after Indian independence, Gandhi’s assassination, and the horrors of Partition, events Vaseem will vividly bring to life. The series introduces Inspector Persis Wadia, India’s first female police detective, and her co-investigator, English forensic scientist, Archie Blackfinch. 

Vaseem’s crime novels often include cryptic clues and in this session the audience will be challenged to solve a particularly fiendish puzzle – with a special prize to be won…

Thursday 25 April, 7pm
Wrexham Library

Sponsored by Moneypenny

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