Communicating with one and other is something we all do on a daily basis this is usually through speech that a majority of us take for granted. But many people in our communities use different means of communication and some of those is through SSE/BSL – a form of communication that has it’s very own language and is usually learnt through courses and training provided to individuals and organisations. But as far as we know never taught through the means of forming a choir using songs to learn the signs.

Set up by Dynamic (a centre for children and young people with disabilities). This is where young people with disabilities whether they attend other Dynamic services or not can enrol, learn, and practice sign language from pop, rock, country and other genre hit songs in fun interactive sessions. Not only do they practice the signs from these songs but showcase this at various events across Wrexham and Northwest Wales. This year we are very lucky to have the amazing Singing Sensations perform for the first time at Wrexham’s Carnival of Words 2023 for the family storytelling event on Saturday 22nd April. An event you will not want to miss!