Wrexham Carnival of Words
20-27 April 2024

Hand picked authors, poets and workshops for your literary delight.

2024 Events

The Wrexham Carnival of Words 2024 is now over and thank you for your support. Join us in 2025 and we’ll be providing more information about the Carnival here soon.

“Thank you SO MUCH Wrexham Carnival of Words, Wrexham Library, Ged from Wrexham Waterstones and the lovely audience for such a warm welcome and a great event this afternoon.”

Author Cally Taylor

“I could have listened to Phil Rickman for another 2 hours! A gentle but interesting man – excellent! Wish I’d come years ago.”

Phil Rickman Attendee

“A lovely evening, thank you. Very good actors and singing. A very enjoyable evening.”

Shakespeare Attendee

“Great production, fab night. I’m proud to be a part of the Carnival of Words.”

Shakespeare Attendee

“Brilliant – so enjoyable. One of the best talks I’ve been to – so interesting”

Vaseem Khan Attendee

“Diolch am gyflwyniad dwyieithog. Mae’n gyfle i ddangos bod y Gymraeg yn fyw. (Thank you for a bilingual introduction; it proves the Welsh language is still alive)”

Murder Mystery Attendee

“Brilliant effort by the library team to make this so effective.”

Murder Mystery Attendee

“Very good to see teen fiction represented. Lively and so engaging speaker – well-researched novels and novella.”

Emma Carroll Attendee

“An amazing talk that makes me want to go off and write – just need to learn how first! How about some creative writing workshops?”

Emma Carroll Attendee

“Really interesting evening. Even my husband enjoyed it!”

Historical Fiction Attendee

“Thank you for a fantastic Carnival, can’t wait for next year”

C.L. Taylor Attendee